Test Kitchen - Mandoline vs. Mandoline

Someone posed an interesting inquiry to me - Can I suggest a great vegetable mandoline slicer? I most certainly can. There are two candidates to consider in finding the best mandoline for you.

A mandoline is a prep tool used when you’re looking for uniform cuts and want to make light of the work involved in slicing vegetables. What you need to consider is the performance level you want out of it. Both mandolines from our line of prep utensils comes from OXO, a company well-known for making gadgets that make kitchen work easy.

If you’re looking for a mandoline that will help you turn ten pounds of potatoes into fries in a flash or creating decorative waffle slices, this OXO stainless steel mandoline is definitely a contender for you at $99.95. Besides having a durable stainless steel body, you get different blades to do julienne, french fry, and waffle cuts. The turn of a dial allows you to get thin or thick slices. 

What if you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles and just want something that will create thin and thick vegetable slices. The OXO handheld mandoline is the one for you. Priced at $14.95, it will give you the basic uniform cuts such as thin slices of cucumber for your salads. I actually bought this mandoline so I can cut paper thin slices of potato to make microwave potato chips. There are three levels of thickness to choose from. I find the third level appropriate for creating vegetable slices in salads.

When thinking about getting the mandoline for your kitchen, you’ll need to consider the level of slicing you intend on doing. If you need something that will do more than just slice rounds, the OXO stainless steel version is the way to go. Wanting something basic just to make cutting vegetables a simpler task, I would go with the handheld mandoline. 

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