Test Kitchen - Ice Pops Molds / Perfect Pops Book

Nostalgia runs deep for me when it comes to popsicles. The best thing my mom ever purchased from a Tupperware party was set of popsicle molds. My brother and I would freeze chocolate pudding, Orange Crush soda, fruit punch, pretty anything thing that was a sugary liquid. We would always look forward to the summers off from school just to make our own popsicles.

This season we have the the “Perfect Pops" book, which has great recipes incorporating the season’s fruits and flavors into your homemade ice pops. I tried out the creamy coconut ice pop recipe since I love coconut and it makes me think of a tropical getaway. A lot of the recipes are 5 ingredients or less with no complexity involved. (It’s bad enough to wait for the pops to freeze why make it complicated?) There a good variety of fruits pops intermixed with other flavors to try like Vietnamese coffee ice pops.

Since I don’t have my mom’s old Tupperware set of popsicles molds, I picked up our ice pop mold set. They’re a very generous size. No need to go for seconds. The pop molds stand firmly in place on the base, which will save you the worry of them tipping over. Just keep in mind you may need to double up on a recipe if you want to fill all six ice pop molds. 

My first go at making ice pops was a success. I made the creamy coconut ice pops. It only required 4 ingredients and biding one’s time. The end result was worth the wait. I ended up with an ice pop full of tropical flavor and perfect for a warm spring day.

When searching for a special treat, create one with our “Perfect Pops” book and ice pop mold set. You’ll create sentimentality with each coming summer. 

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