Double Take - Slow Cooker

Yesterday, in the lunchroom, the girls and I were talking about Thanksgiving dinner. I live and die for this meal every year. I’ve been making this feast since I was nine years old. (This is what happens when your Filipino mom works at a hospital and your Thai father has no clue what to do in the kitchen.) I’m happy to report that my Butterball turkey days have evolved into a fresh free-range bird. I feel very strongly about brining my turkey and following the Alton Brown cooking method to avoid a Griswold fowl mishap.

I have to say, I don’t just live for the turkey. The sides are my favorite part of the dinner. I prepare stuffing/dressing,  green beans with a bacon vinaigrette, roasted vegetables, cranberry sauce, and of course mashed potatoes with gravy. It was the talk of mashed potatoes that really had everyone going. What do you add to it? Which potatoes do you prefer? Then Fran shared a little tip with us. Last year, she helped a customer with a slow cooker. She asked the customer what she was going to make in it for Thanksgiving. The customer replied, “I’m not going to make anything in it. I use it to keep my mashed potatoes warm.” Something so obvious just suddenly became life changing for this festival of food. No more dry or gummy mashed potatoes if made ahead of time!

If you decide to use this helpful tip when preparing Thanksgiving dinner, set your slow cooker to warm. Add 2 Tbsp of melted butter to the bottom of the cooker and put in your mashed potatoes. Serve when ready.

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